Olivia goes to LLLP

Oliver had asked me to get a place for Olivia at LLLP weeks ago because he could not find Olivia an adopter.  For the last three weeks, Olivia had been boarding at Healing Rooms.  We sponsored her spaying, vaccination, deworming and part of her boarding.  Oliver shared out the boarding costs with us. 

Today was Olivia’s trip to LLLP.  Ah Fatt and his wife, Ah Lai, took us all in his Triton. 

About to load Olivia into Ah Fatt’s Triton.
Settling Olivia in, safely in the cage at the back of the Triton.  That’s the food we brought for the dogs.
Olivia, with a little roof over her head.
We reached LLLP late in the evening.  As usual, the dogs greeted us upon our arrival.
Lookie here, it’s one of our Klang rescued dog.  I’ve decided to call her Bella.  Seems like she has socialised into the farm pack, and moves around with them.  She also follows Mr Mariappan around.  Bella recognised us, and greeted Ainey and me.
Oliver and Olivia.
According to Bro Sui, Meiji had brought 8 puppies to the farm, and this morning, the Bentong police inspector brought in 6.  So, the farm now has 14 little puppies.
The puppies are all at the adorable stage now.
Ah Lai fell for their charm…completely.
We let Olivia get a feel of the farm.  The first thing she did was to run around.  Wow…this is freedom!  There is so much space!!  No cage?  Yes, Olivia, there is no cage here.  None at all. 
Who is this?  Why, it’s none other than our “tour guide”.  We have actually called her TourGuide because in all our trips, she would accompany us everywhere on the farm. 
Ah Lai and Ah Fatt made it their task to pluck out ticks from the puppies. 
We were looking for Peter Pan, and here he is.  He came running to greet us.
Mr Mariappan spots a clean Thaipusam look today.  And that’s his ever-faithful Jimmy.
Jimmy old boy…he is one strong little fellow.  He actually recovered, on his own, from nasal discharge.  
Olivia meets Peter Pan.
The third brown dog you see (from the front) is also one of our Klang rescued female dogs.  We’ll call her Cocoa.
This is Cocoa.
Ah Fatt and Olivia. 
The hornbill is still around.
This is Bella, our Klang rescued dog. 
According to Bro Sui, many of the Klang rescued dogs have been adopted by Bentong folks.  Unfortunately, some has passed on.  Taikor has passed on too, but then, he was quite an old dog.  At least he got to live out his natural life on the farm surrounded by caring people, and he was not euthanised at the MPK dog pound.  Whenever I ask for places in LLLP, it is because I have no other choice.  I do so with the full understanding that the dogs are given a last-ditch option to live out their natural lives on the farm.  Sui Kor told me that there is no need to provide food for our dogs anymore since there were only two Klang dogs left. He said the farm has enough provisions for these dogs.   
Here are some of the puppies.  They are certainly a very happy lot.
Everybody on the farm is very excited over the new puppies.
The man and his dog.
Jimmy gets a haircut every week!  He is very pampered.
Ainey and I checked all the dogs, and we sprayed the blue spray on the wounds on the dogs we could get hold off.  Jimmy was also sprayed.
Hey, do you know how lucky you are?  Jimmy is one of our Klang rescued dogs.  Mr Mariappan adopted him the very day we brought the dogs in.
Olivia seemed to be settling in quite well.  But that was because we were all around her.  Oliver took her around the farm to get her familiar with the place.
I suggested that Olivia be confined for a few days.  It would be safer than letting her be free immediately.  Oliver and Ah Fatt both agreed. 
Bro Sui agreed too.  So he put Olivia in the enclosure with three puppies for company. 
Though it was hard to leave Olivia, we knew it had to be done, so we drove off up the hill so that she could settle in inside the enclosure.
Halfway up the hill, Ah Fatt and Oliver could not resist the stream and just had to get in.
When we came down the hill, we drove pass Olivia’s enclosure again.  We saw her standing up, peering over the gaps when Ah Fatt’s car passed.  I totally empathise with Oliver – I know how it must feel, to have to leave Olivia on the farm. 
Oliver discovered Olivia at an abandoned house near Subang Airport sometime in December.  He looked after the entire family (Olivia and her 7 puppies, including Sandra), and slowly, one by one, the puppies got adopted.  There are now 3 puppies left, and we have found an adopter for two more tomorrow.  Olivia had no adopter, and Oliver could not take her in.  So, Oliver asked me to get a place for Olivia on the farm.  
We must have spent close to 2 hours on the farm, helping Olivia adjust to her new surroundings. 
We hope Olivia will be very happy on the farm, with the 14 puppies as her playmates, as well as the other dogs. 
It has been a very long day, and we reached home at 9pm.  

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  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry to read that TaiKor passed away. He was a very majestic fella. At least he lived his natural lifespan with his final days in freedom rather than euthanised by MPK.