Two puppies adopted!

I received an S.O.S from a friend, Jaya, yesterday.  Apparently, in his morning walk, he had come across a box with three abandoned puppies.  He asked around, and managed to get one of them adopted, but was left with two. 

So, he asked for help.  He couldn’t take the puppies home because of his two adult dogs. 

I made a few calls, and sought the help of friends to pass the word around.  Since I was out all day, doing my rounds of visiting our sick dogs, I was not able to take a photo and post it up. 

Jaya decided he would foster the dogs at the temple, and put them up for adoption this morning when the devotees come for Sunday service. 

At the same time, this morning, one of our volunteers found an adopter who was willing to take the puppies, but preferred males.  So, on my way to deliver a talk, I stopped to check, and found that we had a male and a female.  I asked, and it was agreed that the adopter would take both as long as we get the female spayed later. 

Here are the two bundles of joy.  They are only 4 weeks old.

So, that was arranged. 

It’s 2.18pm now, and I just called Jaya.  Both puppies have been adopted from the temple!

Now, we are looking for two male puppies to deliver to the first adopter.  Oliver has two males (Sandra’s siblings), so this is being arranged now.   

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