Wendy in the garden

Wendy was discharged today, from the bathroom that had been her “room” ever since she came down with distemper.  The fosterer has decided he will adopt Wendy, and take full responsibility for her wellbeing.  The first thing he did when he brought her home was to place her in the garden just to get some fresh air and a feel of being in the natural world again.

According to the adopter, Wendy seems to be at peace.  He was even able to feed Wendy some water at regular intervals, throughout the day.  Wendy could swallow.  He spent all day with Wendy today, talking to her. 
The adopter himself will do healing for Wendy, and we will continue sending positive thoughts to her, from a distance.     
When our human relatives or friends reach the end stage of any illness, we opt for palliative care.  That is what we are giving Wendy now, and we are thankful to the adopter for providing this. 
We will continue to pray for Wendy’s wellbeing, and we hope you will join us in this too.  Our lives are all deeply interconnected, and we will never know how much an animal really knows.  We hope Wendy can feel the love that we are sending her and all our good wishes so that when it is time to go, she goes knowing that we respect her and her life as we would our fellow human beings’, because her life is just as precious as any other being’s, and deserves to be treated so.
Please send a kind and loving thought to Wendy in your prayers.
Thank you.

5 comments to Wendy in the garden

  • Dearest Kah Yein,

    I feel so sad reading about Wendy and his condition. As I am typing this short email, I am also sending the most of my positive vibes I have to Wendy, I hope that this will help.

    Please, please, please get well soon.

    Yours sincerely,
    Violet Yee

  • Lee

    As I am writing this, I am also sending my positive vibes to Wendy, really hope she will feel better.


  • Anonymous

    Wendy … darling Wendy, no matter what happens please, please know that you are definitely LOVED very, very much and your life is precious, your presence and right to live on this earth (whatever is left) much respected and welcomed … we love you, darling and are with you every step of the way!

  • Anonymous

    Wendy darling, can you smell the sweet smelling grass and earthy soil and hear the gay sound of birds chirping? Can you see the clear blue sky peppered with some white cottony clouds above? Can feel the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze caressing your skin? Nice warm feeling, eh sweetheart? Lots of people are praying for your wellbeing, dearest, and there are a lot of people loving you. Your mere presence has united many hearts and ignited much love and compassion, reminding us what our real role and purpose in life is and what life is really all about.

    Darling Wendy, thank you for making our lives richer and bringing us closer to the potential that God intended us to be as humans … we will be eternally grateful for having had the chance to know you … you have indeed touched our hearts and our minds. It is a great priviledge indeed to have the opportunity to know you, I am so glad our lives managed to cross. Your bond with us is eternal. Thank you, precious Wendy, we love you with all our hearts …. you are a very, very special girl!

  • karmen

    Hi Kah Yein,

    My thoughts and love go out to wendy. It's very kind of the adopter to take wendy in n give her the company and love that she so deserves.

    In terms of euthanising her, i totally understand your reasons for choosing the palliative option and you do not need to explain yourself to us. It was you who saved her and sought treatment for her, visited her. I sometimes come across palliative patients in my line of work and it is never an easy option. Regular pain relief is all I hope for for Wendy.

    We are priviledged to be able to read through your blog of your kind work and effort.