3 more cats spayed today

Today, we sponsored the spaying of another 3 more of Joanne’s cats.  In total, we have done 10 of her cats.  Joanne is a tuition teacher who feeds the strays near her house. 

Here are photos of her cats:

Awaiting her turn…
Already done, but still down and out.
Waking up from the anaesthesia.
With so many rescuers asking for our fully-sponsored spay-neuter services, coupled with all the appeals for medicals, our funds are fast running dry.  It would be greatly appreciated if rescuers could give a token donation back into our fund so that we can continue offering the service to others after them.  One good turn deserves another.  Pass it on…   
Or, you could help us sell our tshirts as a form of fund-raising. 

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