Lucky – for adoption

Lucky is the dog rescued by Faris and brought to us for treatment.  We have sponsored Lucky’s treatment and boarding for more than a month, and we are now looking for a fosterer for Lucky.  She is female.  If you can help, please contact Mandy at 012-3616163.  Better still, if you would like to adopt Lucky, please contact Mandy.

Here’s some updates from Mandy:

After visiting Roger at Elvin’s place, we went straight to Dr.Rajah’s to visit Lucky and bring her some home cooked food. As usual, she finished up the food that we brought for her. I see some improvement on her every week and this week she looked fuller compared to last week but still considered skinny but in time she’ll fill up with more home cooked food. My mom’s bringing her rice mixed with some dog food, liver or boiled chicken at least 3 times a week.

After finishing up her food, my youngest brother brought her for a walk in the playground behind Dr.Rajah’s clinic to stretch her legs and give her some fresh air and sun. She sure needs some sunlight since she’s confined to the back area of the clinic, although she’s allowed to roam freely i believe fresh air and sunlight will make all the difference in the world.
Take a look at her now.

“Peluang menang emas”, says the banner at the back.
A chance to win gold!
Take lucky home, and you will be richly rewarded by the universe for lending a helping hand to a homeless rescued stray!

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