Please pray for Wendy

Dear Friends,

Wendy seems to be nearing the end now.  Her adopter spent the whole day with her yesterday, talking to her, telling her it is alright to let go and to move on.  He also played the loving-kindness chant to help her achieve more peace and comfort.  According to him, although Wendy’s breathing is getting more laborious, she is calm and at peace.

I got one of our panel vets, Dr Khor, to make a housecall yesterday.  He fixed the drip, and gave her an antibiotic jab. 

Right from Day One, Wendy had come across to me as a very strong-willed dog.  Even while boarding at PAWS, she would growl at the other dogs.  She knew what she wanted and what she did not like. 

Wendy is holding on and hanging on for some reason, and we all know there is little hope left for her to recover unless a miracle happens.  We want her to be at peace with her condition, and to be able to accept what is. 

Animals know more than what we think they know.  They have some control over their lives, especially on when to go.  I coped with Mac’s and Vixey’s passing, and I believe they had some control on when they wished to go. 

Wendy, be a free spirit and be at peace, please. 

Please pray for Wendy, and send her loving thoughts. 

Thank you.

A photo taken on Sunday. 
She has been getting a dose of fresh air and sunshine every day. 

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