Updates on Roger

Roger is one of our Klang rescued dogs.  We got him treated for corona virus and tick fever.  He has been neutered and vaccinated too.  Roger was adopted by Elvin Hong (many apologies, we thought his name was Eric Hong earlier) last week.  

Mandy paid a visit to Elvin’s place yesterday:

Here is Roger’s updates. I went to meet Elvin (I thought his name was Eric all this while! It’s because he has trouble pronouncing and didn’t mind me calling him Eric, he just let it be till i asked him just out of curiousity since i always have trouble listening to him on the phone) at 11 am on Sunday morning to check on Roger and since it’s my first time going to Elvin’s place, i called him for direction since i’m a little lost. I told him i’m at a Tomyam stall and he asked me to wait for him, after what seemed like a short 2 mins, he found me and signalled me to follow him. After less than 30 sec or so we reached his place, it’s because his house cum store is just beside the Tomyam stall! He could have just told me that his house is just at the other side of the Tomyam stall instead of coming out all the way in his car to bring me in. What a nice man!

Anyway, once we reached his place we saw Roger and 2 other black puppies. Roger looked as handsome as always and happy too, he was being leashed near the gate after a nice bath. Elvin’s wife actually use lukewarm water to bathe them!! It’s because she was about to bathe the other 2 puppies that they just recently rescued and we helped them a bit. They must have enjoyed it. I asked Elvin how did Roger behave and he said so far he’s been a good boy but whenever he tries to introduce Roger to another of his adult dog, Roger would bully him. I guess Roger wants to be the alpha male but he’s ok with the other 2 puppies, that’s the reason why Elvin said that he has to leash Roger. However, he brings Roger out for his daily walks.

The two puppies are rescued by Elvin and his wife, he said that the one with the skin condition was worse before this but they applied some ointment and bathe her everyday in lukewarm water and her condition is already getting better but i suggest our panel vet to him should he need to bring the puppy for a treatment. The other black female pup (the fat and cute one) was also rescued recently nearby his place and according to Elvin, two of her siblings are run down by a passing vehicle and he decided to adopt her after he saw what happened.
From what i saw, i think Roger is happy where he is now at the very least we know that he has someone who he can call his guardian and he have a place he can call home. 

Roger nuzzling.
The all-handsome one.

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