Wendy wants to eat!

I was very troubled all night and this morning.  Wendy’s adopter had text me last night saying Wendy’s breathing had gone very fast and asked me to be prepared for the worst. 

This morning, again, the news was not good at all.  He said it was just a matter of time then, as she looked very, very critical.  I had to go to work, and my work is such that I cannot cancel my classes. 

So, I could only pray and send loving thoughts to Wendy.  I put on the loving-kindness chant on my computer as I was doing my work, and radiated love to Wendy, each minute, expecting an sms to tell me the bad news.  At one point, the adopter text me that Wendy had lost consciousness.   

By 11am, Wendy was still hanging on, and I was just writing that reminiscent posting about my childhood dog, Remirth; how Remirth had waited for my mum to return home before breathing her last.  Immediately, the thought occured to me that perhaps Wendy wanted to see me. 

So, I text the adopter and asked if I could visit Wendy straight after work today, at 2pm.  He later text me to say that when he told Wendy to hang on to wait for me, Wendy moved her mouth, and made excited noises, as though she was trying to say something. 

I finished my class, rushed back home to feed Wolfie and Simba (the two new kittens I am now fostering), grabbed two towels (to be used as a pillow for Wendy) and drove to the adopter’s house.

When I saw Wendy, I knelt down and stroked her and told her I had come to see her and what a brave and strong girl she had been.  Even the adopter expressed his admiration for Wendy’s mental strength.  “She is so, so strong”, he said.  

I know.  I know Wendy has incredible strength.

As I stroked her, her eyes were open and she was a complete picture of peace and serenity.  Although her fur was stained with the pus and blood from a few infected wounds, she was truly a picture of peace.  Tears streamed down my eyes, seeing her condition, but Wendy’s eyes were open, and I did not want her to see me crying.   

I had brought two soft towels to serve as a pillow for Wendy, so we carefully lifted Wendy’s head and placed it under her so that she would feel more comfortable lying down. 

I fed her water with a pipette, and she swallowed.  Then, she kept opening her mouth, as though she was trying to say something.  She even made whiny noises.  

It suddenly occured to me that perhaps Wendy wanted to eat…?

Wendy had stopped eating almost 2 weeks ago, and she took a turn for the worst after that.  

I told her adopter to go buy Nutripet (a multi-vitamin food paste for recuperating pets) from the nearest vet and we would try to feed her.

Her adopter rushed out, and while we waited, Wendy kept opening her mouth.  It had been two weeks since she last opened her mouth (even the vets could not pry it open for medicine).  It was obvious that she was asking for something.  So I pipetted the water and she swallowed it all.  I could almost feel that she was saying, “But I want more, I’m hungry!  I want food!”

So, I called the adopter again, and told him to also buy a can of AD, and a spray for all her wounds.  And I told him to please hurry, because Wendy is extremely hungry!

While we were waiting, I was chanting for Wendy, and each time when I stopped, she would make a whiny noise, asking me to continue.  So, I chanted continuously to her.  I also talked to her and she seemed to enjoy the conversation very much.   

When the adopter finally came back, I quickly squirted some of the food paste (it was another brand, but never mind) onto my fingers and rubbed it onto Wendy’s teeth and gums.  I added some water to it, and Wendy opened her mouth and swallowed it!

Wendy was eating!!  

I then opened the can of AD, and placed very tiny pinches of the wetfood onto her teeth, and slowly, she began to swallow.

Bit by bit, bite by bite, I fed Wendy the food paste and AD, plus water.  She ate!!

Wendy was definitely eating.  It was only small amounts, but she was eating!

I spent almost 3 hours sitting with Wendy, talking to her, and feeding her bits of food.  I must have fed her a total of 5 small “meals”.  She could only take very little bits of food at a time, and she would rest in between. 

After feeding her, she did not make those whiny noises anymore.  She seemed happy and satisfied. 

In between feeding, I also cleaned and sprayed all her wounds.  I hope this spray would help prevent maggots from forming in her wounds. 

Before I left, I told Wendy what a good and clever girl she has been, and how strong she is.  I promised her I would see her again, and that she must eat now.  Wendy was quiet, and truly, she was a picture of peace and serenity. 

The adopter said he would carry on feeding her in the same way.  I told him Wendy makes those whiny noises when she is hungry, so that would be the time to feed her.  She actually asks to be fed!  Small and frequent meals would be good. 

I drove home, feeling relieved and quite contented – the first time in the last few weeks, as far as Wendy’s case was concerned.  When I drove to the adopter’s house today, I did so with a very heavy heart, thinking seeing Wendy would be a very sad and tearful experience for me.  But that was not so. 

Wendy made me happy today.  Isn’t she just so wonderful?

I drove straight to Dr Khor’s clinic and asked if he could make another housecall tonight, to give the adopter the antibiotic liquid which can be given through the catheter of the drip.  Wendy has an infection and had been feverish since last night. 

Wendy, you are just so wonderful.  You are so incredibly strong, and just so, so special.  

I believe you are here to teach me a very precious and valuable lesson.  And I want to learn that lesson from you.  

As I sit here now, at my computer, I see a comment from one of the readers.  He or she has sent me the lyrics of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.  It brings tears to my eyes because the lyrics are so apt.  Thank you, my friend.   

I’ll like to share the lyrics here with everyone.

We’re all in this together, doing animal charity for the most helpless beings on earth.  Let’s never let anyone walk alone.  We all need help and a shoulder to lean on sometimes. 

Today, Wendy lent me hers.  I can almost hear Wendy singing this song to me now:

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
 Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone

2 comments to Wendy wants to eat!

  • Dearest Kah Yein,

    Here I am again sending my positive vibes and happy thoughts to Wendy. Please have the strength to make it through.

    I am praying as I look at her 'healthy' photo. In my mind, I am praying that she will regain her strength and be what she was before.

    Yours sincerely,
    Violet Yee

  • Dr Chan,

    Wendy can do it!

    Cammon wendy.. dont make we cry..