Wendy eats half a can of AD

Since I fed Wendy yesterday afternoon, it seemed she slept soundly and did not wake up…until my visit today. 

Her adopter text me this morning to say Wendy had slipped into unconsciousness, and was not responding to touch or sound. 

I was prepared for this, and I had an inkling that perhaps Wendy had just wanted to let me feed her, spend some time with her, and now….  These kind of things happen, sometimes.  They suddenly get better to make you happy, and then, they go peacefully. 

Until 11am, the adopter said Wendy was still in that unconscious state, but she seemed very peaceful. 

So, I said I would still go and see her after work, and that would be about 12.30pm. 

I grabbed a quick lunch and headed off at 12.15pm, but was caught in a massive jam at the highway.  The lyrics of the song “You’ll never walk alone” was ringing in my ears, and I found myself singing it, dedicating it to Wendy as I queued in the jam.  Tears streamed down my face, and I told Wendy that she is not alone.  So many people are wishing her well.  

The jam was quite horrible, so I text the adopter to say I would be late, and guess what, he said Wendy had just woken up, and he would start to feed her first.

When I reached the house, Wendy was wide awake, and eating! 

We carried her (inside the cage) into the shade, and I continued feeding her small amounts.  Like yesterday, Wendy made a noise whenever she wanted food. 

Today, we fed her chicken essence as well.  She loved it so much, and kept asking for more.  So, it was chicken essence, AD and the nutrient paste. 

In between, I cleaned her wounds as well.  If you look at the photo below, please do not be alarmed.  Part of her face looks blackish and this is just superficial on the fur. 

Two days ago, when the vet came to fix the drip, he turned Wendy over and a lot of pus and blood oozed from her bedsores.  We did not realise that many bedsores had developed while she was boarding at the clinic.  The blood and pus had coagulated and the fur is now a bit hardened.  It would take time to gently clean off this residue, and we will do it gradually.  It is not of paramount importance at this time.  It does not look pleasant, but treating her bedsores is more important now, and we have got hibiscrub and povidone iodine for this purpose.   

Her face is blackish because of the stains from the pus and blood two days ago.  We have to do what’s important, and that is to feed her on demand, and to provide good nutrition for her now. 
Little by little, I managed to clean off some of the blackish-brownish stains after feeding her, but it would take some time before she looks clean again.  No hurry.  Her skin is now very delicate and raw, we don’t want to cause any laceration or more wounds on her.  Cleaning has to be done very, very gently. 
Wendy was quite happy today, and she finally ate up half a can of AD, spread out over two hours.  This is already a big improvement from yesterday.  Her twitching has also reduced, and is milder today (I hope I am not imagining this, though). 
As I fed her, over the two hours, I told her lots and lots of people are wishing her well, and that we all think she is an incredibly strong and smart girl.  And that everyone wants to see her well again.  I told her we’d get her all cleaned up soon, and we’ll go for walks in the sun after she gets well.  Since she moved out of the clinic, she gets a daily dose of the morning sun, which seems to be doing her a lot of good. 
I was told Wendy slept after I left, and is still sleeping soundly now.  Looks like she is going to sleep until tomorrow? 
Well, Wendy is certainly one dog who knows exactly what she wants.  She decides, not us.  We try our best to understand her needs and attend to them.  We are just here to help her, and provide all we can to make her comfortable and assist her in achieving better wellbeing.  We are not here to dictate how her life should be. 
Wendy still has a very long way to go.  For those of us who have been with her, and seen her at her lowest, we rejoice that she is finally eating again now.  Every small step is a huge achievement.
And as I’ve always said, we only have moments.  We can only take care of moments. 
I had beautiful moments with Wendy today, and I rejoice in that experience. 
We thank everyone who is rooting for Wendy.  Your positive vibrations help tremendously.  Please continue sending healing energy to Wendy.  She can definitely receive it.  She is such a special dog. 
P.S.  It is now 10.15pm.  The adopter just text me to say Wendy has got up, and he will try to feed her now. 

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  • A Bodhisattva Prayer

    From now on, until I achieve enlightenment, I rely on you.
    Please give me wisdom to escape samsara.

    If I am supposed to get sick, let me get sick, and I’ll be happy.
    May this sickness purify my negative karma
    and the sickness of all sentient beings

    If I am supposed to be healed, let all my sickness
    and confusion be healed, and I’ll be happy.
    May all sentient beings be healed and filled with happiness.

    If I am supposed to die, let me die, and I’ll be happy.
    May all the delusion and causes of suffering of beings die.

    If I am supposed to live a long life, let me live a long life, and I’ll be happy.
    May my life be meaningful in service to sentient beings.

    If my life is cut short, let it be cut short, and I’ll be happy.
    May I and all others be free from attachment and aversion.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Wendy girl, what am I going to say now? You are such a brave and special girl! And I am so so glad and thankful that you have met sis Kah Yein who trust and never give up on you all the way.

    Yes! We own our live and no one could ever take that from you except you yourself.

    Many many of us are praying for you, come on, Wendy girl, let the miracle happens!!!

    Quotes from Ella Fitzgerald,
    'Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do.
    Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.'

    with loves,

  • Anonymous

    Just like human patients, Wendy needs to be turned over regularly to prevent bedsores. Do you think something soft for her to lie on might make the painful sores more comfortable? They might mean more work from frequent changes to keep clean and sterile though. Great work, KY and team! Wendy sweetie, we adore you, girl ….

  • So glad to knw tat Wendy is getting better day by day… All of us are waiting for the day to come whereby we wil c her up and running around happily n healthy again… We knw tat day wil come… She's a tough gal…

  • Anonymous

    Could Wendy lie on a soft small mattress or stack of towels? Pressure sores developed when the skin doesn't get enough oxygen through and will necrose and we normally help with air mattresses for patients (doubt we can get that in Msia). All the best Wendy, you're in my prayers.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the tips and all the helpful advice. We put her on a mattress-like mat as of yesterday, and will be improvising something else tomorrow, using swimming floats.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone can get a memory foam mattress (very expensive in Malaysia) it will be great. Memory foam will sink according to the curves of the body to relieve pressure, unlike normal mattresses. It was only used in hospitals overseas but now is available to whoever has money to buy them. Malaysia has several producers which export them, so talking to the producers here to donate a small piece about 2-3 inches thick will be superb. Saw them at an exhibition at Matrade here not too long ago.