Bandit and “Xiao Li” come home with me

Here are the two remaining kittens that we have pledged to foster for Khine (sorry, I misheard her name as “Khi” earlier), the lady from Myanmar.  Both has an eye infection, hence, they both look a bit “one eyed Jack” right now. 
I brought them home today, and decided to call the black and white one “Bandit”.  My husband and son insisted that the Calico one is to be named “Xiao Li”, no two ways about it.  Xiao Li it is!  (Xiao Li was Suki’s original name.)
The photo above is very misleading as Bandit looks big.  Actually, Xiao Li is much, much bigger, and Bandit is still very tiny, slightly longer than the palm of my hand.
Xiao Li is the typical Calico princess, as active and boisterous as ever.  Actually, she looks very much like Suki, in her markings.
Hmm…where is this?
Simba was the first to say “hi” and to welcome the two new kittens into the room.
He even went into the cage to make friends.
Big sister, Wolfie, also made friends.  In fact, I missed a priceless shot where Wolfie “shook paws” with Xiao Li! 
Bandit and Xiao Li will be up for adoption as soon as they regain better health and better looks (!!).  Both are actually alright even now, though Bandit looks a little fragile.  The Calico princess is fine and dandy and ready for adoption now. 

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