My two lieutenants and our tshirts

Wolfie and Simba seem to know that this is not going to be their permanent home, and that they are just “passing by”.  Both have been keeping to themselves in the room, and even when we open the door, they do come out to the kitchen, but quickly scuttle back to safety. 

I wouldn’t really mind if they kept to themselves within the confines of the room and the kitchen.  If only that could be possible, it would save me loads of headache and worry about them going into the garden.  As it is now, I’m closing all the windows when they are free. 

My husband felt sorry for them because they were behaving like “stepchildren”, so he let them go out into the living room to play, but they would both scuttle back to the room for safety.  He led them to the common water bowl too, so that they don’t feel so left out. 

My other cats don’t mind them being around, but I guess they have grown out of playing now (“been there, done that, how many more baby kittens are you going to bring home?”), so they too aren’t too interested in making friends. 

Eating by themselves
Our new batch of tshirts have arrived, it was supposed to be in time to serve as gifts for the Chinese New Year, but I had been so terribly busy, I couldn’t even find the time to collect the consignment and label them.  I finally did it yesterday.
Labelling tshirts made me miss Suki so much.  Remember how she would act at quality control supervisor?  The tshirt design itself was inspired by her.  But now, I have these two lieuenants helping me. 
Er…they were too busy playing to supervise.
Playing with toys around the room. 
Today, Daniel will pick up Wolfie (the white one).  And Simba will be all alone. 
I want to say a big thank you to Mary Yap, for helping us sell our tshirts to her friends and relatives for Chinese New Year.  Mary says she always encourages her loved ones to do a good deed on Chinese New Year, so this year, it’s to support AnimalCare.  Mary came to collect 50 tshirts last night. 
A big thank you, too, to Kristina, for helping us take orders.  Kristina bought 16 tshirts from us last week. 
The tshirt sales is a source of funds for us.  So, if you’d like to support us in fundraising so that we can continue doing our work to help animals and their rescuers, please help us promote our tshirt.  We have a new shipment of 200 pieces (in 13 sizes). 
We will come up with a new design in the near future and are now looking at possible designs that would carry our message and mission (AND can sell!).  If you would like to help us in the design, please do contact me. 






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  1. Anonymous

    Psssst! Hey, kiddos … looking for something? There, over there … sitting pretty on that there chair near your Mama … {wink-wink!} pink-pink color one … with your name on it ("Kitten 36") ….