Heart-warming news to start off the Tiger Year!

I received these two pieces of heart-warming news from my friend, Chek Wee:

Locals rally round to save injured puppy

West Hollywood bans the sale of puppy mill animals

Help the shelter animals by getting them adopted.  Let’s spread this message as widely as we can. 

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  • Anonymous

    From an editorial by Kerre Woodham, in the same NZ paper:

    "So I worry about Bronson Stewart and his pup, Buck. Bronson had been unable to find the $2500 needed for Buck's operation on a badly broken leg and the vet told him the only alternative was to have Buck put down.

    Bronson refused to accept that, so he snatched Buck from the vet's and took him home.

    I accept that Bronson loves his dog. But I can't help thinking how selfish he's being.

    He kept his badly injured dog at home for a week because neither he nor his dad knew anyone with a car. If he truly cared for his pup, surely he could have found a way to get him to a vet sooner?

    When he couldn't come up with more than $5 a week to repay the vet, he took the dog home, regardless of how much pain Buck was in.

    And, although kind people from around the country have donated money for Buck's operation, I hope there's some left over to help pay for the ongoing care Buck will undoubtedly need."