Climb every mountain (kittens for adoption)

Climb every mountain, search high and low
Follow every by way, every path you know
Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream

In just two days, Bandit has learned the mischievous ways of Xiao Li. 

Yesterday, Xiao Li climbed all the way up Tshirt Mountain, and tried to escape through the window to Wii’s place in the backyard.

This room isn’t big enough for me.  I need more space.
Xiao Li kept going up Tshirt Mountain many times while little Bandit watched in awe from “down there”. 
After awhile, the little one decided he should try too, inspired and cheered on by the naughty one from “up there”.
He has made it!!
There’s still one more level to go, but never mind. 
Try that later, says the teacher.
Then they both came down.
And celebrated in style!
Then, Cow came in to see what the noise was all about, and guess what happened?  Little Bandit had a stand-off with Cow!  He fluffed up, scruffed up and stood up against Cow.  Cow merely hissed and ran away.  And while this was going on, Xiao Li was too busy playing by herself.  She only noticed the stand-off at the last minute and she too scruffed up.  
Then, the two decided it might be safer to hide under the cage in case that big cat comes back on a counter-attack, which of course, did not materialise at all… 

The big cat had better things to do.
This morning, the mountain-climbing story continues…
Go, Bandit, go…just a bit more…
Yes, a wee bit more…come on, boy.  You can do it!
YES!!  He’s made it!!
For breakfast this morning, I introduced them both to raw food. 
Little Bandit loved it!  But Xiao Li didn’t quite like it.  She prefers AD and kibbles.  Now, little Bandit eats more than Xiao Li.  Well, he has mountains to climb, so he needs the energy!!

Climbing a mini mountain all by himself.  Teacher monitors progress from below.
Their eyes look okay to me now.  The discharge and tearing are gone.  Both are litter-box trained.
Xiao Li and Bandit are both up for adoption.  Please contact me at 012-6935870 if you are interested.   
Xiao Li and Bandit are two of six kittens looked after by a Myanmar lady, Khine.  Her neighbours complained and she was asked to give up all her 8 adults and 6 kittens when the local councils raided her house.
Bobtail (ginger) and Teddybear (with markings on face) are now being fostered by Ramzee and are also up for adoption (Ramzee’s hp: 013-3943432).  Both are males.  The white one, Wolfie, has already been adopted.
Simba has also been adopted. 
Please help me forward this link and let’s help Xiao Li, Bandit, Bobtail and Teddybear find good homes.
Bandit and Teddy are brothers.  Bobtail and Xiao Li are siblings.  They were matched in pairs by the vet because of their similar medical condition at that time (eye discharge, etc.)  

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