Eva is rehomed!

Eva was brought to us, together with Lizzie, both of whom were from Kwai Chee’s sanctuary at the cemetery in Kpg Chamang.  There was a parvo outbreak at Kwai Chee’s place and many of her puppies had succumbed to the disease. 

Lizzie and Eva, with Kwai Chee and Meiji.

Eva and Lizzie were diagnosed with tick fever and parvo virus.  We got both treated immediately, but Lizzie passed away two days later.  Eva fought on. 

Eva soldiered on.
We have since sponsored vaccines for all of Kwai Chee’s puppies and all have now been vaccinated.  Kwai Chee was unaware of the importance of vaccination, especially in a sanctuary environment. 

Eva survived, then had Coccidia, and was subsequently treated by us.  Upon discharge, Ainey fostered Eva at the warehouse at her workplace, using chlorox to wash the floor daily.  We made quite a few trips, to and from the warehouse to the vet’s, to get Eva examined and treated.  

Eva at the warehouse (she had to be isolated from other dogs for 3 weeks). 

Today, finally…Eva is rehomed!  And believe me, after all the struggle she has been through, this very tough cookie really deserves a loving home. 

Here’s the story from Ainey:

Rachel contacted me about 2 weeks ago about Little Eva. We arranged for her to meet Eva today at my house. Around 12noon, Rachel arrived with her fiancé, Matthew. They instantly started playing with Eva and my pugs, and I could see their love for the animals.
Rachel wanted to take Eva home today so she would have a couple of days to settle Eva in, and introduce her to their 3-mth old rescued kitten named Eve (Eve was saved by the couple from inside a drain on Christmas Eve, hence the name).

Rachel said she would put Eva at the porch area when she’s not home, so she needed to get a cage, but her usual pet shop is closed for CNY. I called the shop I usually go to and they are open. So off we went with Little Eva to the pet shop in Cheras. Before that, I passed Rachel some of Eva’s food, her medication and supplement.

At the pet shop, Rachel told me they decided to put Eva inside the house! So no cage is needed! Rachel bought many things for Eva – a pink food bowl, a pink automatic water feeder/bowl, a blue harness and leash (pink colour not available), shampoo, hair brush, chew bone and also 2 balls for their kitten.

We left the pet shop and headed to Rachel’s home in Ampang. Eva settled right in, running around and playing. Matthew brought Eve, the kitten, down to meet Eva, and Eve is a bit hesitant and hissed. It’s expected, Eve would need some time to get used to another animal in her territory. I spent almost an hour watching Eva getting used to her new home, and towards the end, Eve seems ok with Eva. I hope the 2 would get along just fine and become the best of friends.

Before I left, Rachel and Matthew made a donation to us. Thank you both for your kindness. I hugged and kissed Eva goodbye, and thank the couple for giving a good home to Little Eva, our parvo survivor, a tough cookie. Be good now, Eva girl!

Thank you, Rachel and Matthew.
Have a great life, Eva and Eve!!
Happy Chinese New Year!

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