We can learn from others

Tita, a cat, belonging to Ruben Gaviria, breastfeeds and looks after a squirrel at his house in Envigado, near Madellin, Columbia.  Gaviria rescued the squirrel six days ago after it was found injured in a park.

There is no need to go far and wide to perform good deeds.  Opportunities abound in our own neighbourhood.
Animals have a right to live on this Earth just as we do.  Kindness is the way to forge a peaceful and harmonious coexistence. 
Yes, the Law of the Jungle exists, but kindness helps make it a little more bearable. 
Feed the strays, give them a home, help control their breeding.

Join us please, in CNRM.  

Care, Neuter, Rehome/Return, Manage. 
P.S.  Many thanks to Uncle Neoh, from Canada, who sent me these photos.