Updates on Kwanta and Kwanjai

Kwanta and Kwanjai were two of our very first adoptions.  Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn had read my book, Pawprints, and she adopted them because she wanted to help homeless animals.  Both of them were kittens at the time.  They are sisters, too. 

And it was Dr Veeranoot’s first time handling kittens or cats.  I remember taking Kwanta and Kwanjai to her house and the cages she had bought were too small, so we put them inside the house and let them have a free run inside. 

Looks like they have had a free run ever since then! 

Here are Kwanta and Kwanjai now.  All grown up, and living the good life.

Thank you, Dr Veeranoot, for giving them a good and loving home.