Daisy (aka Shaggy) finally adopted!

When we did the Klang Dog Pound rescue on 15th Dec 2009, there were two shaggy-looking dogs.  One was instantly “adopted” by LLLP’s Mr Mariappan (it was “love at first sight”), and named Jimmy. 

Jimmy and Mr Mariappan, photo taken 2 weeks ago.

The other, I had hurriedly called “Shaggy” (apologies, I did not have time to think of a better name then, and she was very shaggy-looking!) was taken back by Lisa because she felt it might be hard for LLLP to manage a long-haired dog.  She wanted to take Jimmy as well but Mr Mariappan wanted to keep him.   

From then on, Lisa sponsored ALL of Shaggy’s expenses, including her medicals and boarding.  I offered to reimburse Lisa but she said she would take up the entire responsibility of looking after and rehoming Shaggy since she knew we had so many other dogs to look after.  We also had not foreseen that 8 of the Klang dogs had to be taken back for treatment and that really burnt a hole in our funds!   

When boarding costs became too high, Lisa had to look for fosterers for Shaggy, and when fosterers said they could no longer look after Shaggy, Lisa brought Shaggy home even though she already has 4 dogs of her own.  

Lisa also contacted every vet in Klang, hoping to find Shaggy’s owner, but to no avail.  

That was more than two months ago.  And while all this was going on, Shaggy’s name also got changed to “Daisy”, which is definitely more appropriate!

Yesterday, Lisa wrote to say that finally (!!), Daisy is adopted by a couple named Annette and Harry.  Annette and Harry have also reimbursed Lisa for the cost of Daisy’s vaccinations, anti-heartworm injection and deworming.

Lisa did not take any photo because she was trying to keep her composure having to part with Daisy.  You know how any animal grows on you.  Even after one week of fostering, it is always sad to part with any animal because they just love you so much for having taken care of them, and you part hoping and praying that they will have a good and loving home, and be happy with their new family. 

Thank you very much, Lisa, for looking after Daisy and making sure she gets to a loving home.  Thank you for helping us and Daisy.   

That’s one happy ending for another Klang rescued dog! 

We are desperately in need of fosterers and rehomers for some of our rescued animals.  If you are able to help, please contact me. 

Daisy, when first rescued in December.

Daisy, in Lisa’s home, with one of her dogs (January photo).