23 puppies rescued from Selayang Dog Pound

Today, we brought cooked chicken to feed the dogs at the Selayang Dog Pound.  Earlier on, our volunteer, Ainey, had said she would like to foster one of the puppies whose photo we had highlighted earlier, so I said I’d ask permission from the pound to take the puppy out.  Hopefully, the pound would let the public adopt the dogs.  After all, aren’t we helping them if we take the puppies out? 

Since I was going to take one puppy out, I thought MDDB might be able to rehome some of the puppies as well, so I asked Wani if she would like me to take some of the puppies too.  Every puppy we can remove from the pound is a precious life saved.  Wani said ok, so we headed to the Selayang Pound with two cages in my car.  I did not know how many puppies there would be at the pound, but let’s hope two cages would be enough (I was wrong!).

At the pound, we saw the CAT team having a meeting.  I parked outside and walked in to ask the pound people if we could feed the dogs.  I told one of them we had brought cooked chicken for them.  The one who attended to me said the dogs had already been fed and there was no need to feed them anymore.  I asked if we could see the dogs, and he said no because there was a meeting going on.  Finally, I was asked to just leave the food there and they would feed the dogs later.  

By then, another officer had come, and he asked me why I was there.  I said I had come to feed the dogs, and also, to help them out by taking the puppies.  So, may I please take the puppies?  He asked me, “How do you know there are puppies here?”  I said, “Usually pounds have puppies, so if you have any, may I take them, please?  I’ll help you get them rehomed.”  He said no, because they were having a meeting.  So, if I wanted, I would have to come back on another day to do it.  I said I come from Subang and it’s very far, so why don’t he just let me take the puppies today?  And he said no.

So that was that.  I don’t like to break rules.  So I thought I’d try on another day.   

I went out and drove my car nearer to the gate to unload the food.  Just then, one of the CAT members came out and stopped my car.  She asked me if I could please take all the puppies out.  I said that was precisely why I was there, so can she please speak to the pound people and let me take the puppies out?  She said she would arrange it. 

Long story, I know.  But the truth has to be told, and that is the truth.

So, I got to see the puppies and some of the dogs at the pound.  I was told that many of the adult dogs had been euthanised yesterday.  This is really sad because many of them could have been rescued, treated and saved.  So many precious lives lost….it’s very, very sad.  If I counted correctedly, there were less than ten adult dogs.  You’ll see them in the photos below. 

However, in the first enclosure there were 23 puppies.  Some looked very sick.  I was told that I could take all the 23 puppies. 

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now…

There are 23 puppies in here.  We took all of them out.
The remaining adults.
Another adult.  They are being fed curried rice.
Three more adults.  I don’t think they like the curried rice?  But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers? 
Two more adults.  If I am not mistaken, I think there were less than 10 adults left.
Taking the puppies out.  Some had a lot of ticks.
The ones that looked healthy.
Now, for the sick ones… We had to get boxes to put them separately.
These two looked very sick.
Almost all loaded.  The sick ones were put into boxes. 

We managed to place some of the cooked chicken we brought for the dogs.
Can you take me out, please?
I’m so, so sorry…I can’t take the rest of you out.
We have no resources or place to house these adults. 
If you have, please take them out. 
From the Selayang Pound, with 23 puppies in tow, we headed back to Subang.  The sick puppies were sent to our panel vet for treatment and boarding.  Next posting, please…

4 comments to 23 puppies rescued from Selayang Dog Pound

  • Anonymous

    Anthony Thanayasan says he personally made a visit to Selayang Pound and has established that the stories of the underfed, starving and dying dogs are not true. That the dogs are well fed with rice and curry and that the dogs actually prefer white rice to kibbles. AT also says that they are probably stories made up by animal welfare groups to enrich their coffers via public sympathy.

    Well, your pics and post establish what really happened before he went AND account for the missing emaciated dogs – they were euthanised.

    This is Charles Santiago and Klang Pound all over again. Wait a few days, give the pound authorities time to clean up, make a much publicised visit to the sanitised pound and declare that they've made a visit and done their job – then walk away while the cycle of abuse starts again.

    But AT is worse – he has called the integrity of animal welfare groups into question and worse, has jeopadised the future of all animal rescue efforts.

    Where is he alleging that the terrible pictures are from then? Is he going to claim they were photoshopped or perhaps staged? Animal welfare groups starved dogs to that point of emaciation in order to photograph them to make money out of public sympathy???

    If animal welfare groups don't band together and discredit his allegations, in future, every time there are animal abuse allegations, detractors will just go, Selayang all over again and ignore the truth without checking.

    AT is a great disappointment because he talks at great lengths about the boost his dogs have given to him and yet he would be part of the conspiracy against dogs and their systematic torture.

  • Dear Anon, I can only comment on two things. (1) The earlier photos were taken by our volunteer, Mandy. She was at the pound just 1-2 days before they euthanised the dogs and the caretaker told her there is no provision for food. (2) When I was there, a member of the CAT team told me the pound should NOT be feeding the dogs rice with curry. I could also see there were lots of curried rice left. When Mandy visited with Mr Gunaraj, two packets of kibbles were brought in and the 30 odd dogs were fed. They ate the kibbles.

  • Anonymous

    I read about the shooting of stray dogs in Jitra recently in the papers. I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and I would like to highlight the plight of the poor strays here. They are killed in ways only barbarians can commit, they are put into sacks and bludgeoned to death, if not, left to suffocate in such a claustrophobic state. Some are also left to bleed to death, not even pregnant dogs are spared. The dogs are either sent to the crocodile farm nearby or sold to the restaurants for their meat. The KK municipality are the most horrendous creatures to have set foot on such a peaceful land, they have committed crimes against animals so violent that you could not imagine. The local SPCA are tied down due to the fact they have to abide with the municipality or face being cast aside and left forlorn. I've seen lorry loads of beautiful dogs parked by the roadside waiting to be dumped. As long the local papers and the SPCA high committee are not going to highlight the barbaric acts of the workers, I'm afraid the slaughtering of these poor animals would carry on. They have been getting away with everything. The authorities might read this and demand proof of their actions, but the truth lies in their witnesses. Kampung people who are animal lovers who have no proper fencing due to their low income find their pets missing overnight.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Here the treatment of dogs has escalated to levels so barbaric that we can't even start controlling the massacre of stray animals. The KK municipality believe that the only way to keep the population of strays is by brute force and severe injury. They often resort to constricting he poor animals in bags and bludgeoning them or leaving them to bleed to death. Once that is done, they would send the dogs to the crocodile farm or to restaurants that serve their meat. Unfortunately, the local newspapers and the high commitee of SPCA KK cannot voice out this horrific treatment of animals for they could be cast aside and left forlorn, thus making our group unable to help salvage the situation. To add to the misery, the village people here who cant afford to fence their homes have to bear with the agony of losing their pets on a frequent basis to such heartless people. The workers of the municipality always get away with their sinful acts, and knowing the authorities, once they read this, would demand evidence of their acts, knowing clearly well that the witnesses are in their hands. If there was only a way to put an end to this endless slaughtering of innocent animals we would appreciate i. Thank you.