The 13 Selayang puppies

Today, we attended to the 13 Selayang puppies.  Our vet advised that if they are eating well and are not displaying any signs that warrant medical attention, it may be wiser to leave them be, as all the travelling to the vet might stress them again. 

Yesterday, we brought nine to the vet, and all are undergoing medical treatment now. 

The three bigger puppies, sleeping when we first arrived.
The babies…happily eating.  We bought 36 cans of puppy wet food, and used up 5 cans today, to feed all of them.  These puppies cannot eat kibbles yet as they are really still very, very young.  Eight of them polished up the food.  The two at the back were still sleeping.  I was a little worried about them and thought I should take them to the vet for a check-up.    
The eight have hearty appetites.
After the meal, we Frontlined all of them except the two who had not eaten.
After some time, I woke of the two (who had not eaten), and managed to get him up.  He is so, so tiny.  I slowly hand-fed him and to my delight, he ate a little.
And more…
Come closer to the bowl, little one.
He is eating on his own!!  Phew…what a relief. 
I woke the next one up, and syringed some water into his mouth.  Later, I hand-fed him and he started eating too.
Frontline for you two, as well.
All sleeping cozily after a good meal.
If you’d like to adopt these puppies, please call Wani at 019-3576477.

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