Updates on the first adopted Selayang puppy, Tiger

First, my humblest apologies to David and Terry for getting Terry’s name wrong.  I wonder how on earth I could have misheard it as “Nicholas”!  I must be getting very old.  Terry’s name has been corrected in the previous posting. 

Here’s an update from David:

Its been a nice experience for my son Terry Tang, he and his two other brothers are excited with a new member to our family. The puppy’s name is “TIGER” due to this is the year of the tiger & because the puppy was barking and running all over our garden.

Tiger took a warm bath the minute it reached our home, it might be Tiger’s first bath since he was born. Tiger was so comfortable that he fell asleep during bath!
Tiger ate some rice, drank some warm milk and fell asleep. We have contacted our vet, she will come to our home to attend to Tiger soon.

Thanks again for saving Tiger, we are lucky to meet you.
And I am luckier to have met both of you, too, and Tiger is the luckiest for having found a safe and loving with your family.  Thank you very much.  


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