A quick check on the 8 Selayang puppies

In between nursing Bobtail and Teddybear, I dashed back to Subang Jaya for a quick check on the 8 Selayang pups now boarded at Healing Rooms for treatment. 

According to Dr Vijay, they are all doing well as of today.  Only one had a bit of nasal discharge. 

Here are their photos, taken today:

Cutie Pie
“The mange brothers”
Miss Husky (the one who had more than 300 ticks) and Snappy. 
Snappy is the one with the nasal discharge. 
The other snappy one. 
Since I did not have time to wait and the vets were very busy, I will get a more detailed update perhaps tomorrow or next week. 
Little One, fostered by Ainey.  He doesn’t seem to be eating well, but he’s been checked by Dr Vijay today. 

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