Two cages for Selayang pups

There is an offer from ACC to donate two cages to anyone who is interested in adopting the Selayang puppies. 

It would be based on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Here is a photo of the cage:

Thank you very much, ACC, for your kind offer.
If you wish to adopt any of the Selayang puppies and would like to have one of these cages, please contact me.
Here are some photos of the 22 remaining Selayang puppies (only one has been adopted so far):

1 comment to Two cages for Selayang pups

  • Ben

    Dear Dr. Chan,

    I am interested in 'rescuing' one of the puppies from Selayang Pound and would like to take up cage offer as I already have a dog at home without a cage. I would prefer to separate the 2 dogs until they familiarize themselves with each other.

    Please let me know how do I see the pups and take the cage.

    Thank you very much.

    Mobile : +6016 311 3711