Ebony’s updates – she made it through the night!

Doing animal charity sometimes really gives you near heart-attacks, especially when the the lives of the animals you have just rescued/salvaged is hanging by a thread.  

Such is the case with Ebony.  She (Ebony’s female, I found out today) had absolutely pale gums yesterday afternoon, and we managed to salvage her life in the nick of time by giving her blood transfusion.  

I drove to the clinic with bated breath today….

Ebony had made it through the night!

Here she is, her eyes will completely melt your heart…

But her condition is still not stable.  

So many things can happen:  Rejection of the blood, her body’s own inability to produce blood (congenital defect), tick fever, hookworms (which can kill a young puppy if the problem is not addressed), etc.

It’s day-to-day monitoring now. 

First, we have to check her blood count daily to see if her own body is producing blood.  Yesterday, when first brought in, her reading was an appalling 8%, but after the blood transfusion, it went up to 22% today.  This is due to the foreign (McCoy’s) blood.  We have to check in 1-2 days’ if her own body can produce blood.

Second, she is now being treated for Erhlichia (one type of tick fever) with Doxycycline.  

Third, she had been dewormed last night.  So if it’s hookworms, let’s hope the medicine will work.

Here are more photos of the little angel….

After I changed her nappy to a fresh one, she got up and walked!

See….I can sit up!
You be strong, Ebony…you’ve already got a loving home waiting for you.
Ebony and her sibling (who looks like her, but a little bit bigger) has been “booked” by Ben, who is planning to adopt them on Saturday. 
Get well soon, Ebony.      

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