One Selayang pup goes to a fosterer

My student, Edy, has agreed to foster two Selayang puppies, and might even consider adopting one later on, if all goes well.

Here they are.
I lent Edy my cage, and we bought him a pack of Eukanuba puppy food since Cutie (the white and black one) had been on this food at the clinic. 
However, after setting up the cage, the brown puppy defecated and it was loose stools.  I took the puppy immediately to the clinic for treatment. 
So, only Cutie is with Edy tonight.  I have told Edy to inform me immediately if there is diarrhoea or any signs of ill-health.  Cutie had been given a clean bill of health by the vet, but we cannot be sure if there is any other underlying disease that has not shown itself yet. 
With puppies, especially rescued ones, you can never be sure.  They might suddenly just go down.  Immediate veterinary attention is paramount to save their lives. 

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