Selayang puppy S.O.S. – a near-death experience!

I went to check on the Selayang puppies today, and found that one was lying very still and when I checked his gums, it was almost white.  I rushed him quickly to the vet’s.

One look at the eyes and gums, and the vet said to me, “Your puppy is going to drop dead any moment.” 

It was extremely critical.  The vet took some blood from his ears and ran a test.

He’s still very chubby, but he is anaemic.  It could be tick fever or just congenital anaemia, or something else which we have not figured out yet. 

He needed a blood tranfusion….fast.  That was the only way to save his life.  Without blood, he would die within moments.  With the blood tranfusion, he might still die due to rejection, but there is a chance he might live. 

The vet asked me, “Are you willing to go all the way?” 

I said an absolute YES.

What do I need to do, I asked.

Get a blood collection bag, and we’ll proceed with blood tranfusion, he said. 

So, off I rushed to another clinic to get a blood collection bag.  It was peak-hour jam at that time.  Sigh….  While I rushed off, the vet put the drip on the little puppy.  However, the drip would not save his life.  He needs blood.   

When I got the bag back, we quickly proceeded with drawing blood from the clinic’s blood donor, McCoy.  Poor McCoy had just donated blood but since this puppy is so small, he only needed a bit of blood and McCoy could donate again.

The blood transfusion in progress. 

At one point during the blood transfusion, the puppy sort of “collapsed” and I thought he was gone.  But no, he just slipped down. 

Phew!  It gave me a near heart-attack.

The vet said if the blood transfusion is successful, he should perk up without half an hour. 

So, we waited…

He did perk up a little, and even sat up.  His gums looked pink again, and his eyes were not white anymore.  
Thank you, McCoy!  You just saved a little puppy’s life. 

But he went back to sleep again. 
Rest well, little one.
I’m calling you Ebony.  I dont even know if you’re male or female, but you’re a strong little fellow, and you are going to fight on, Ebony.
And look who is on top of Ebony’s cage…..
It’s naughty little Leo, back to the clinic for monitoring.  He has been very choosy over food, and is still having diarrhoea. 
Ebony’s near-death experience was truly an………experience. 
I asked the vet, after the blood transfusion, if there were any good signs, and the vet said, “Every moment that he is still alive, is already a great success.”
That was how critical it was. 
Ebony is boarding at the clinic tonight.  He needs all the positive healing energy you can give.  Tomorrow, the vets will diagnose the cause of his anaemia and proceed with treatment.
This is the plight of stray puppies.  How many would die out there due to diseases and lack of medical attention?
Spay-Neuter, please.  Help control the stray population and reduce this kind of suffering in the young and innocent. 

4 comments to Selayang puppy S.O.S. – a near-death experience!

  • Anonymous

    This post is very, very touching.

    May God's great saving grace and healing be upon little Ebony, and may He guide the paths of all involved, imparting His great wisdom as to what to do always.

    May He strengthen our tired bodies and renew our battered spirit to continue forging on in the rough terrain in order to help His beautiful creatures which are suffering and in need.

    May God bless you and Dr. V abundantly for your extreme kindness and compassion!

  • Anonymous

    … and may God's rich providence be upon us to open doors, remove obstacles and supply all our needs as we step out in faith to do His bidding towards acting out our hearts' compassion and love for His animals.

  • Anonymous

    May your good kamma ripen and pull you through, Ebony.

    May the Triple Gem protect you.

  • Ben

    Dr. Chan,

    I hope Ebony will be well. Will pray for the little fella. I understand they come in a pair. Hope the other one is well. They are ones I hope to adopt on Sunday. Anything u need, I shall try my best to provide.