A double Selayang S.O.S. this morning

Ainey went to check on the Selayang pups this morning and noticed two looked very weak. 

She rushed them off to our panel vet and it turned out that they were suffering from hookwork infestation.  Their blood count was only 10%.  Their body temperature was subnormal. 
This is very similar to Ebony’s case.

Ainey is quite sure these two are Leo’s siblings.  She said something made her decide to visit today, and because of the visit, we managed to save their lives in the nick of time. 

We have to give them names…let’s see…



Both were given blood transfusion and put on the heat pack. 

Please send positive energy to them and wish them a quick recovery.

This is naughty little Leo, lying on Ainey’s lap.  You’ll see what a big difference it makes when a puppy is being fostered individually.  They always do better in a home environment. 

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