Selayang puppies at the vet’s

Besides Ebony, we have five more Selayang puppies at the vet’s in SJ, currently undergoing treatment.

We have Ms Husky, Snappy Brown, Snappy White, Cutie Pie and Forrest.  Forrest is the latest one I brought to the vet when I noticed he had diarrhoea. 

Here are a few photos:

Snappy Brown
Snappy Brown is distemper positive but doesn’t seem to show any symptoms at all (maybe he is like Sean).  The vet says his own body immunity might just be able to overcome the illness.  In fact, of all the six puppies at the vet’s, Snappy Brown is the fittest of them all.  If we can discharge Snappy Brown and get him fostered with tender loving care, his chances of recovery would be very good.
This is little Forrest.  I brought him in two days ago.  He doesn’t want to eat on his own so the vets are force-feeding him.  He doesn’t look too good.  Poor little thing.  Please eat, Forrest. 
We discharged the Mange Brothers, and Mandy sent them to our panel vet in Klang.
We still need fosterers for all these puppies.  Their chances of recovery are much better being in a home environment.  However, all are still under treatment, so you would have to feed them their medication. 
If you can help, please contact me at 012-69535870 or Wani at 019-3576477.

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