Selayang pups in Subang Jaya (evening updates)

It’s been quite a mad day, rushing all over today. 

This afternoon, MDDB found a fosterer to take SIX of the Selayang pups for fostering.  That was really good.  I handed over the puppy food and one of ACC’s donated cage, and got the puppies all tucked into her car.  Before moving them out, the puppies were all dewormed.   

This is a blurry photo, I know.  It’s because of the reflection from the window.  Spot the puppies. You should be able to see at least three.  There were six in the car! 

Now, I’ve just come back from the clinic where the other six sick ones are boarded and being treated. 

Here are their updates:

Little Ebony is really perking up now.  That’s great news, but we still have to wait for the blood test results to see if she can produce blood on her own.
Little Forrest is not doing well at all.  I felt so, so sad looking at him.  But the vets are already doing everything possible for him.  I have told them to go all the way.  They would put him on drips tonight, if need be.  He is not eating – that’s the bad news.  And he is so tiny….
In all fairness, I must rename Snappy Brown because he is oh-so-friendly and absolutely not snappy anymore.  So, let’s call him Senior Brown.  He is distemper positive but seems to be the fittest of them all.  He can go home to a fosterer.  He needs very good nutrition.
Snappy White must also be renamed Senior White.  He is also so friendly now.  I remember the day of the rescue, he bit the CAT team member, and escaped into the drain.  The pound people restrained him with a net and he was growling.  I had to take him out of the drain.  He was the last to be rescued because we had to hunt him down.  Senior White has diarrhoea, but is otherwise perky and very friendly now.
Cutie Pie also has diarrhoea.  She is very adorable.  She can be fostered at home too.
Ms Husky is also down with diarrhoea.  She too can be fostered at home.
I spoke to the vet and here’s what he said.
The worst places for a pet to be at would be the pound, the shelter and the clinic.  They are always better off at home if the fosterer is responsible and can feed the pets their medication.  However, having said that, the shelter or clinic are still better than being with irresponsible and negligent fosterers.  That’s what the vet said.  Not me!
But, the pound is always the worst possible place.  Oh well, don’t we all know that?  

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