Selayang pups – the most critical case today

As of now, we have six pups in Subang Jaya, four in Klang and two in Puchong, all at our panel vets, undergoing treatment. The rest are with MDDB’s fosterers. And oh, Naughty Leo is with Ainey.

Ebony, Juno and Capri were given blood transfusion, and as of this evening, all three have pink gums again. 

The most critical case for now would be little Forrest.  He seems to be fading despite all the treatment.  The vet said he may not make it through the night.  She suspects it may be distemper because whenever he swallowed food, he would gag.  The vets are doing everything possible to save Forrest’s life. 

It was really very heart-breaking for me this evening, looking at him sleeping in the cage.  Whenever he woke up, he would look at me with those endearing eyes, and it just breaks your heart.  I am so afraid I won’t see him tomorrow morning, but I hope I will.

Forrest, this afternoon. 
He showed some excitement when I visited him and talked to him.

He appeared quite weak this evening.  But he woke up when he sensed I was there and he squeaked a little.  Poor little thing….
Friends, please say a prayer for little Forrest. 
May the Universe be kind to him and guide him to recovery.

Help us spay-neuter the strays, please. We do not want to see such suffering in unwanted puppies and kittens.

How many more are suffering out there?

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