Updates on Juno, Capri and Leo

Updates from Ainey after her visit to Puchong this evening:

Both Juno & Capri are ok, ate AD… looks tired, maybe from today’s adventure… Capri has eye and nasal discharge, and the vet will monitor this… Capri has also been making much noise since the blood transfusion… i hope he’s ok… both are in the bathroom upstairs… this pix of Capri somehow reminds me of Wendy…


And, what about naughty little Leo?

Leo is eating! he ate ID this morning, and evening, and ate somemore 15 minutes ago! and he’s drinking from the ‘common’ water bowl (Sookie’s and Kopi’s) too… no more diarrhoea as well! i’m so so happy! 🙂

Isn’t he adorable? 
Please help us by fostering these pups, if you can. 
With some tender loving care, you can make a world of difference to their wellbeing.

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