Puchong-Selayang pups’ updates

This is Ainey’s updates on the two Selayang pups currently boarded in Puchong for hookworm treatment:

Juno, who was the weaker one yesterday before I rushed them to the vet, is doing better… He can eat on his own, but the vet still force fed him a little to make sure he gets enough nutrition… No more diarrhea too…

Capri is not doing too good… He’s not eating on his own, so the vet force fed him but after that he vomitted… He is slightly dehydrated and is now put on the drips… Capri’s eye and nasal discharge is a concern… The vet ran a distemper test and the result is negative… According to the vet, Capri has been lying in the same crouching position since yesterday… Yes, I noticed that too… He seemed to me to be in some sort of pain… Capri whined a little when I was there… I patted his tiny body and told him to get well soon… It breaks my heart seeing Capri, such a small puppy, like this…

Juno has perked up.
Capri isn’t doing too well.
Please let’s send healing energy to these two puppies and wish them a speedy recovery. 

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