Subang Jaya-Selayang pups – updates

All six of the Selayang pups in Subang Jaya are doing well now.  My biggest worry this morning was Forrest, but what do you know…the moment I got to the vet’s, all four vets told me Forrest is already up and about, and making “heaven of a noise” (!!), yelping for attention.  It seems he is a great attention seeker.

Here’s Forrest:

Look at the plastic tubing…he moved so much, it’s all badly twisted! 
We’ve got that fixed.
Being curious…
I want out! 
Indeed, the moment I left his cage, he started yelping till no end!
Now, that’s a good sign.
Now, Ebony…
Gosh…those magnetic eyes…
Very adorable.
She is showing some interest in food now.
Ze eyes….ze eyes! 
The other four…
Senior Brown, as perky as ever!
Senior White…also perky.
Cutie Pie…hey, I’m very cute also!  And I’m small too.
And…the ever-so-elegant Ms Husky.
Senior Brown, Senior White, Cutie Pie and Ms Husky can be discharged and fostered at home already.  But they are still on medication. 
If you can help with the fostering, please contact me.

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  • I know about lucky from Faris in my blog N the story about lucky in Farris blog. So touching…

    I interested to taking care of lucky but its to far from my place at Tmn melawati kl. I m not familiar any place at shah alam or klang.

    but i really2 interested

    honestly u done a good job
    thanks 4 taking care of this all dog, puppies n cats.

    "Semoga tuhan merahmati anda"