Another neglected puppy

This afternoon, Dayani and Purna brought in a neglected puppy whom they had rescued.  This puppy is from a litter of four, and three had already died.  Dayani was very concerned about this last surviving puppy. 

Here he is.
Our vet could not accurately diagnose what is wrong with the puppy at this stage, but for now, the puppy has been given some medication for the skin lesions on his body. 
These skin lesions could be due to distemper, but we cannot be sure yet.
The puppy is still eating and is curious, so that is a good sign.
The puppy also had ticks, so we Frontlined him. 
Luckily I always carry a bottle of Frontline in my car.
The puppy, whom Purna named Brownie, will be fostered by Dayani and Purna until recovery.  We sponsored today’s treatment, and also provided some puppy kibbles and lent them a cage so that Brownie can be isolated from Mitra (their dog) and Sweetie (that’s our Klang rescued dog, being fostered by Dayani and Purna).

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