Ebony and Julea at home

Here’s today’s updates from Ben and Adele.  They adopted Ebony and Julea today. 

We attached some pictures after bringing the 2 puppies home today to let you know that they are doing well. We have decided to keep the names you and Tracy had given them. Therefore one is named Ebony. The other is Julea.
Both Ebony & Julea is eating without any help. I have a very good feeling they are doing just fine. Tracy had given me some balance milk to feed Julea. Rest assured I shall gradually change both their diet.
I am having some trouble with my “Senior Resident” (Aby) though as she seems ‘jealous’ when introduced to the 2 new arrivals and wanted to bite them. Luckily she is still obedient and stopped doing so after my scolding. Give it some time and I shall slowly let my “Senior Resident” know that these 2 new puppies are part of the family. Both Ebony & Julea just kept playing after they were reunited.

Will give you updates from time to time about these 2 naughty additions.
Ben & Adele

Hello sister!!  Ebony reunited with sister, Julea.
We have lots to catch up with….!!
Ebony eating dinner…all by herself? 
Ebony getting to know the house.
Ebony on Adele’s lap…fast asleep. 
Oh oh…we have a jealous Senior Resident here…it’s Aby, the Shihtzu.
Julea eating dinner.
Time to sleep….after dinner. 
Life is GOOD!
Thank you, Ben and Adele!

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