Ebony goes home!

Here’s Ben and Adele, with little Ebony.
Both Ben and Adele had not expected Ebony to be so small!  But she is, and that makes her even more adorable, of course. 
Last night, Yi Lin helped me foster Ebony.  I was up to my neck with the six kittens, and could barely cope. 
And according to Yi Lin, they had a party in their house and all the children were completely charmed by Ebony.  Everyone took turns to feed her and she basked in all the attention. 
I’ve given one of the donated cages to Ben and Adele, but for now, Ebony will stay indoors.  Ben will make arrangements to collect Ebony’s sibling today from MDDB’s fosterer. 
I’ve also given Ben three cans of AD so that the shift to the new food can be done gradually.
Ebony has come a LONG way, from “almost dropping dead at any moment” to what she is today. 

Have a good life, Ebony and sibling!

Thank you, Ben and Adele, for giving these two survivors a loving home.

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