How to make kittens poo?

I have looked after quite a number of newborn kittens before but have never encountered kittens that did not poo with stimulation.

Ever since coming to me on Friday, Jelly poo-ed that night, and Peanut did it the next morning, and that’s that.  Butter did not poo at all, and today would be the third day already. 

By afternoon, I rang the panic button and called the vet, who incidentally was out of town.  He said three days is too long and I should bring them in tomorrow.  He asked if the milk was too concentrated.  I doubt so because I had already diluted the milk from the recommended dosage. 

But I wasn’t taking chances, so off we all went to the pet hospital in PJ.

The three little ones in the carrier.
The most senior vet attended to them.  He put some gel on the thermometer and pushed it into their anus.  For Peanut and Butter, there was fresh light brown soft stools.  This means they are not constipated.  For Jelly, there was no trace of any faeces.  But their tummies are bloated, especially Butter’s. 
The vet explained that being newborns, they have to “learn” how to pass motion.  I thought this came naturally, but it seems that’s not the case.  Having been without a mother, they have to learn this now, and the only thing we can do is to lubricate the passage for them (by putting in the gel). 
He said since they are not constipated, I should continue feeding them, and bring them in again should they still fail to poo by tomorrow.
If any of you have had experience dealing with kittens who don’t poo, please share your experience with me.  I’m already at my wit’s end now. 
They urinate a lot, but there is no poo.  I stimulate them after every feed and even in between feed.  The vet said I am already doing everything possible.  Now, they have to learn. 
Lesson 1: How to poo  (for kittens)
Lesson 2: How to make newborn kittens poo  (for me!)
Please help me, if you can. 
All three are active and eating very well. 
Or, can we collectively do a “Poo Prayer” for them?  (I’m serious.)






2 responses to “How to make kittens poo?”

  1. Yen Ling

    could it be the food/diet?

    the feeding schedule perhaps?

  2. Anonymous

    KY, Jelly's tummy is bloated but no poo at the anus end. Could be having trouble with digestion.

    Kittens need to be massaged gently at the tummy to stimulate digestion after feeding. Use your dry finger to very gently stroke the tummy with long slides imitating the way Mama slides her tongue along baby's tummy several times. Otherwise the food will stay in the tummy which gets all big and painful.

    The gentle dabbing with wet cotton on the anus area is to stimulate kitten to poo and pee.