Puppy for adoption

I received this from Jix Foo (hp: 012-2650255):

I rescued two puppies last year that my mother, Lillian Yang, put on your website. They were adopted by Jeanne and her family.

I’ve now rescued another dog from my office. It’s a male, about 10months old. I think he’s been abandoned as he’s not like the other wild dogs, he came right up to me when he saw me. He’s now under quarantine at my coworker’s house (I live in an apartment) at the vet’s advice. We took him to the vet’s (where you were going in to take care of bobtail, my mom bumped into you).  He’s been dewormed and we have to take him back next week to get him vaccinated and cleared of parvo and distemper.

I’ve attached some pictures. My contact number is 012-2650255.

If you’d like to adopt this puppy, please contact Jix at the hp given above.
Give a dog a home, and your life would be so much richer because of it. 
Local breeds are known to be genetically stronger and less prone to diseases.  They are generally easier to look after too. 

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