Sad news on Selayang pups

This morning, I was informed that Juno had passed away.  I do not know the cause of death, but he was being treated for hookworm infestation.  Capri is still hanging on. 

Over in Subang Jaya, Cutie Pie suddenly went down today, and it was very quick and sudden.  She passed away this evening.  I have spoken to Wani, and she has agreed on a post-mortem, for the sake of all the other puppies. 

The good news in Subang Jaya is that Forrest, whose life was hanging by a thread and whose condition was yoyo-ing for the past few days, seems to be improving now.  I visited him today, and he was yelping for attention.  The vets still have to force-feed him since he refuses to eat by himself. 

Senior White, Senior Brown and Ms Husky seem to be well, but whenever the vets increase their food intake, they would develop diarrhoea.  They are also losing weight because whatever they are eating is not enough to sustain their bodies. 

The vets are doing their best and we would just have to place our trust on them…and on the universe. 

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  • Anonymous

    So sorry to hear about the puppies. I loved Juno's chocolate brown and bright blue eyes. At least he didn't die in the pound.