Post-mortem results on Cutie

Cutie was one of the Selayang pups who passed away a few days ago of supposedly “mysterious” causes.  There were hardly any symptoms and she just went down within hours. 

The post-mortem revealed evidence of abnormalities in the heart muscles and this strongly suggests distemper. 

Distemper is indeed a scary disease.  There can be absolutely no symptoms and the dog goes down suddenly.  The chances of survival from distemper is much better in older dogs.  And to make things worse, the test kit for distemper is not reliable.  It can give a false negative.

Seeing how quite a number of these 23 pups that we rescued from the pound were and still are down with all kinds of diseases, I wonder if the local councils could please not capture little puppies.  Once they are put in the pound, diseases abound, and even though they are rescued and adopted, some of them die within a short time. 

Dave just informed me that Tiger, the white pup he adopted on the day we did the Selayang rescue, passed away of internal bleeding. 

2 comments to Post-mortem results on Cutie

  • Anonymous

    inaccurate info not hardly any symtoms cutie have cough eye nose discharge when i see her typical distemper signs

  • Dear Anonymous, I have just spoken to the vet regarding your comment. He has explained Cutie's condition to me, prior to her passing. He also thanks you for your input.