The poo success story….

Yesterday, was “Poo Day” for me at home with the PBJ gang. 

On the previous day, Jelly was the first to achieve the “poo breakthrough”, and subsequently she was able to poo after meals, about 2-3 times a day.  And it was no longer light brown but more of light yellow (the typical healthy nursing poo).

By yesterday morning, I had given Peanut and Butter the “cotton bud” treatment, and Butter was the next to poo naturally.  Also yellowish soft poo.

Peanut was the last to respond.  Surprising, as she is the biggest of the lot.  By evening, she finally poo-ed!  Yellowish soft poo too. 

So, all is fine now.  Hooray!  (And what a relief!)

And I’ve learnt a new thing now – that some kittens actually have to “learn” how to poo. 

But, they are extremely mischievous, as most kittens normally are.  Though the gaps between the bars of the cage appear to be smaller than their heads, they managed to worm their way out of the cage, so I can’t confine them for now. 

Yesterday, when I came home, I had a shock of my life when I found all three of them outside the cage, and the door of the cage was still tightly latched.  But they are growing so fast, so I hope they will “outgrow” this habit soon.  They are literally gaining size every day. 

Here are this morning’s photos, after their meal:

They think Bobby is their mother…
Bobby doesn’t seem to mind.
However, I have some human-problems now.  My animal-hating neighbour was shouting from his kitchen this morning, complaining about “those cat noises”.  He simply cannot stand dogs barking or cats mewing.  And the PBJ gang IS making quite a racket now with regular mewings. 
Sigh…to think that even a male dog can accept the presence of kittens, and humans can’t. 
It therefore really isn’t surprising that humans cause the most destruction to the earth and her lovely creatures. 
I wish animals ruled the earth. 

3 comments to The poo success story….

  • baiknya Bobby!!! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    If your neighbour cannot stand hungry PBJ's distressing cries for their Mama and her warm milk, then he/she should help cuddle and feed them la …

    In healthy, normal and compassionate thinking humans, such cries of distress will invoke a response of compassion, love and protectiveness. Only in abnormal humans with emotional handicaps will such pitiful cries of distress for help bring about responses of feelings of anger and hate.

    I think he/she does not have a copy of your "Pawprints On My Heart", so you need to toss one over.

    May it burn his/her conscience (if at all he/she has one) ….

  • Anonymous

    PBJ are searching for Bobby's teats … how come this "mommy" got no teats and nen-nen wan ….

    Looks like mommy, feels like mommy, but got no nen-nen like mommy!

    Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! We wan our mommy …… πŸ™‚