Updates on Subang-Selayang pups

I visited the Selayang pups yesterday evening.  Sr White, Sr Brown and Ms Husky are ready to be discharged.  They still have a bit of diarrhoea, so their diet has to be kept under control. 

Sr Brown
Sr White (on the left) and Ms Husky.
Here’s little Forrest.  He was moving so much, you can’t even get a clear photo of him.  Still wants to be force-fed and still seeking attention from everyone!  Well, that is to be expected, I guess.  He is, after all, still a very young puppy.  As small as he is, Forrest was on the verge of dying a few days ago.  But just like Ebony, he pulled through.  For this, we have to express our deepest gratitude to our vets.   
MDDB will take over all the Selayang puppies under our care by 15th March, and arrange for their adoption. 
We hope they will be able to find good and loving homes. 



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