Forrest is eating on his own!

Finally, finally, finally….everyone is cheering and the vets are so, so happy.  Forrest, the little brown fella, is finally eating on his own.  The vets have been patiently force-feeding him a few times a day, waiting for the day he would eat on his own, and the day came this morning.  Forrest went to his bowl and ate up his ID.

Here’s the little tyke…

Yes, I’m eating on my own now. 
There’s also good news on the other three left in Subang Jaya.  All three have well-formed stools now.  In fact, distemper-postive Sr Brown was the first one to achieve this.  However, all three have also lost weight.  This is because in order to control the diarrhoea, they had to be on strict diet control.  But let’s hope for better things to come now that the diarrboea is finally under control and their stools are normal again.  It has taken the vets almost two weeks to achieve this. 
Sr White
Ms Husky
Sr Brown
As previously agreed, all these puppies will be handed over to MDDB by 15th March.  We did the rescue from the pound, and we have seen to their medicals as much as we can, and now, MDDB will do the rehoming.  
Working together for the animals!  

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