Ebony is fading

We received sad news from the vet today.  Ben brought in Ebony on Friday as she wasn’t doing very well.  Yesterday, Ebony appeared to be fine, but as of this morning, the vet said she is fast fading and is in pain. 

The vet has given her painkillers and she is partially sedated due to the medication.  The problem appears to be pain in the abdominals.  The prognosis is very bad.   

I am currently waiting for the vet to come in this evening for further updates. 

Both vets are doing everything possible to help Ebony but they said her chances of survival are very slim. 

Please spare a healing thought for Ebony as you read this, and say a little prayer for her. 

Ebony was rescued from the Selayang Pound on 25th February, and taken to the vet when she was very anaemic.  She was given blood transfusion, treated and she improved day by day.  By 6th March, she was fit to be discharged, and Ben and Adele adopted her the next day. 

Puppies that have been captured and placed in the pound are subject to all kinds of diseases.  Some of them come with congenital conditions which we are unaware of.  We can only do our best for them.  And, we have done our very best for Ebony.

Now, we can only pray and hope for the best.

Little Ebony, when she was recovering day by day at the vet’s.

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  • Corinne

    Ebony is gorgeous, it's very painful to watch any dog slipping away. I pray that Ebony will somehow pull through. My best wishes to her.