Lucky is adopted today!

Faris, truly an angel sent from above, took Lucky to her new home today.  Faris’ friend, who also has a dog, decided to adopt Lucky a few day ago. 

Here are some photos, sent by Faris:

Faris and Lucky.
Lucky and her new friend, in her new home.
Lucky is truly one lucky dog!  She was rescued by Faris, sent to us for medical treatment, fostered by Mandy’s family, and now, Faris has seen to the completion of the cycle – the rehoming.
We are also incredibly lucky to have met someone as responsible and caring as Faris.  It is really not easy at all to rehome an adult dog, and what more, one who has been injured.  Faris spared us this task and took it upon himself to look for a home for Lucky.  We are very, very grateful to Faris for helping out in such a responsible way. 
We need more Farises around!

2 comments to Lucky is adopted today!

  • Anonymous

    thank you to animalcare, faris and lucky's adopter in ensuring that lucky has finally found a caring home.

  • :)It was made possible with animalcare! Keep up the good work ..
    World needs more compassionate people like Faris, Mandy…..! I salute you all!