An angel speaks – from Faris

This is from Faris, written yesterday, after he rehomed Lucky:

Today is a very emotional day. I promised Mandy and the adopter, Papa Meow, to take and send Lucky today. So I (with a friend) went to Mandy’s house in Klang to take Lucky. She was very happy to see me. Then I talked to her and said that Im going to take her to a new house. We said goodbye to Mandy and Bebeh (Lucky’s lil friend).

We straight headed to Taman Melawati. No problem in car as she sat on my lap. And she enjoyed watching the scenery as we drove.  Each and everytime the car stopped (tolls,traffic lights etc.) she will stand up as though ready to jump. Very funny.

We met Papa near Giant as we were not really familiar with the area. The moment we arrived, Lucky jumped out the car and she was really excited. Papa’s cats start coming and stared at Lucky, their new housemate. We went up and gave her a chance to enjoy her new house. She also met the famous Peace and cute lil Aman.

We spent about an hour just to make sure that she was fine with the new environment. She gave ‘the look’ when we said goodbye. That broke my heart.  It was very emotional.  But Im very sure she’s in good hands now.

I text Papa just now and he said Lucky is fine. She fell off the hill and he had to carried her up (because the area is at the bottom of a hill). But nothing serious 😉 Well,she needs extra care after all.
I just want to say a million thanks to you and the AnimalCare team for helping us and Lucky. Thanks to Papa Meow too for being such a wonderful person. I could not have done this without you.

I hope my guess is right….is this Papa Meow? 
Thank you, Papa Meow and Faris, for giving Lucky a good home.

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