Ebony is in a better place now

I received a call from the vet just minutes ago.  It’s bad news.  Ebony passed away this morning before the vet got in.  It must have happened after I left the clinic. 

Based on the clinical signs, the vet strongly suspects she died of distemper and tick fever.  Her initial anaemia was probably caused by tick fever and the blood transfusion perked her up.  But tick fever weakens the immune system, and although she was on AD and medication, there is just so much that supplements can do for such a tiny body whose immune system isn’t exactly very strong or mature.  The distemper was already festering and we know there is no cure for distemper.  We can only get the symptoms treated and manage accordingly. 

There will be no post-mortem as this is unnecessary. 

We offer our deepest condolences to Ben and Adele, and also little Julea, Ebony’s sister.  Ben will give Ebony a proper burial at the open space near his house. 

May Ebony be free and happy now, in a much better existence.

If I could be comforted, it would be knowing that I got to see her this morning before she passed away, and I was able to communicate with her in the subtle ways that I know.  We believe that the last moments before death matters.  Ebony was a picture of peace and calm.  It showed in her eyes.  Until now, I still see her eyes looking into mine. 

Although nothing we do or say now can bring Ebony back, certain questions may need to be addressed:  How did Ebony contract distemper and tick fever? 

4 comments to Ebony is in a better place now

  • Anonymous

    Rest in peace, little one … goodbye to this cruel and hostile world. They just didn't treat you right … you were so very young and innocent, had so much to offer to make this blind world a better place but they simply didn't give you a chance.

    Goodbye, little one, we will miss your sweet and gentle eyes … we will miss you sorely ….

  • Anonymous

    Dearest KY, I have just witnessed a medium sized butterfly of black, dark brown and brown colors (Ebony's colors) appearing out of nowhere and flapping its wings near me. It looked very joyful and bouncy. I could not help staring at it.

    I have the feeling that Ebony trying to convey the message to you that she is eternally grateful to you for your kindness and letting you know she is now happy and safe in Heaven and to tell you not to cry …

    Take care, dear KY!

  • Goodbye, Ebony…
    May you be well, happy peaceful in better existence.

  • Dear Kah Yein
    I read and I feel for you for Ebony. Many and often times, we are
    being "silenced" by such grief we have to carry. Such pain and
    sorrow is part and parcel of rescue and passion when we have to face the untimely departure.
    I always comfort myself and say that "at least they feel the loving human touch of hands and hearts" I pray you be strong and stronger for the many that are still coming.
    You are a "Gem" and truly to be admired.
    Take care and God bless.