Ebony’s updates

I held my breath the whole of last night, expecting a call from the vet regarding Ebony’s condition.  I know the vet would call if there was any bad news.  I waited, and waited.  There was no call up till midnight, and I hoped it meant Ebony was still alright.

This morning, I went in the moment the vet assistants came into the clinic. 

In my layperson’s uninformed view, Ebony still looked very weak and pale.  She was lying very still. 

I stroked her and talked to her, and just placed my hand over her tiny body to give her warmth.  While I was doing this, the vet assistant quickly prepared a new hot water bottle.  There were already two placed beside her last night.  She is still on drips.

My heart went out to Ebony, seeing her lying there, almost lifeless.  There was thick nasal discharge from her nose. 

It’s times like these where you feel so helpless because you do not know what is wrong, and you do not know how to help her. 

So I started chanting for her.  I thought if she has to go, at least this would be one of the last things she would hear – something wholesome and positive.  I did a full “puja” for her, and as I chanted, Ebony made soft grunting noises, as though acknowledging what I was chanting.  She was responding in her own ways, and her beautful eyes penetrated deeply into mine.  I fought hard to hold back my tears.  No crying, I told myself.  Ebony is still alive.  She may look incredibly weak, but she may be fighting very hard to get well.  No crying.  Smile for her.

Here are some photos, which I managed to take with my handphone:

First thing this morning.  She had moved away from the two hot water bottles.
She looks very pale to me.
Be strong, little one.
She is very calm and brave. 
Later, Ebony kept opening her mouth, and I alerted the vet assistant to perhaps she wants some water or food.  He quickly fed her some water with a syringe and Ebony drank it all up.  The vet assistant said he fed her ID through the syringe last night and she ate it all up.  He will be feeding her again this morning. 
I had to leave for work. 
Yesterday noon, the vet on-duty had called me to alert me that Ebony was slipping away, and that she had put her on painkillers to relieve her pain.  I called Ben Cheong immediately to convey the news and prepare him for the worst.  
Just a few moment ago, I managed to speak to the senior vet, and he told me that Ebony actually perked up yesterday evening.  They were with her until very late.  She was actually “doing well”.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this.  And it is humbling.  As a layperson, we do not know much, and sometimes, what we see is not what it is.  
I sometimes receive all kinds of comments from people that the vet “should have done this” and “should have done that”.  These comments are sometimes rather unfair.  If the commentators are vets, then by all means, get into a professional discussion with the vet concerned and discuss the case in a constructive way.  
Let us not simply criticise for the sake of criticising, especially when we ourselves do not know any better.
I hope Ebony will pull through and be stronger moment-by-moment.  
I will see her again after work today.  
Please send a positive prayer to Ebony when you read this.  Every bit helps.  This is something that all of us can do, regardless of what faith or religion we profess to embrace.  
Let’s do what we do best, and let the experts do what they do best. 

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  • Anonymous

    KY, don't worry too much about the myriad of colorful comments coming from people who have all their fingers and toes pointing right up from Heaven above to earth below as the "reasons" they see for someone else's perceived failure.

    When I suffered a missed abortion, my gynaecologist kept silent and did not blame me for stressing myself too much, caring for and rescuing too many strays and not looking after myself enough, doing too much housework, not getting enough sleep, eating too much or too little durians, etc, etc ….

    Take care, KY … when the going get tough, the tough gets going ….

    … love you!