In loving memory of Ebony

As I reflect now on Ebony’s short little life, I can’t help feeling how deeply interconnected we are, and how things happen for a reason, and how we sometimes can intervene, but only to a certain limited extent. 

Ebony was one of the 23 rescued puppies from the Selayang Pound.  She found to be very weak on 3rd March and I rushed her the vet’s only to be told that she was going to drop dead any moment.  We managed to give her blood transfusion, and she perked up the next day.  By then, Ben had said he would like to adopt Ebony and her sister, so I kept telling Ebony every day that she must get well because she has a loving home waiting for her.

Ebony did get well, and was declared fit enough to be discharged on 6th March.  I could not find any willing fosterer to take her that evening, so I took her home.  Luckily Yi Lin agreed to foster her for one night.  That night, at Yi Lin’s place, there was a chidren’s party, and practically every single child cuddled Ebony.  She was a bundle of joy and pleased the hearts of all the children.  Yi Lin told me the next day, “All of them fell in love with Ebony”.  In just one night, Yi Lin clearly adored Ebony. 

The next day, Ben and Adele came over to take her home, and Ebony was re-united with her sister, Julea. 

After four days, Ebony stopped eating by herself.  On the fifth day, Ben brought her to our panel vet as she wasn’t looking too good.  That was last Friday.  The vets did everything they could to help her, but the prognosis was very bad.  Ebony was fading. 

I visited Ebony this morning, and thought she was pale and weak, she was a total picture of calm when I saw her before I went off to work.  I chanted prayers for her too.  I felt her end was near, and that was all I could do her.  

Ebony passed away in less than an hour after I left her this morning.   

In her very short little life, Ebony had touched the lives of so many people.  Mine, Ben and Adele’s, Yi Lin’s, all the little children who were totally charmed by her, and many of the readers of this blog.  Perhaps Ebony came for a reason, to re-connect with all of us, especially with Ben and Adele, and whatever needs to be done is now done, and she is on her way to be better existence where she suffers no more. 

Perhaps she came to teach us how impermanent and unpredictable life is, how change can and will happen, and how we must always be prepared for it. 

Most importantly, Ebony taught us serenity, that we must have the perseverance to change what we can change, and to calmly accept what we cannot change. 

May you be well, happy and free now, Ebony. 

Ebony with Ben and Adele
Little Ebony with her beautiful ebony eyes.






4 responses to “In loving memory of Ebony”

  1. Anonymous

    I feel extremely privileged to have been able to catch a glimpse of Ebony at the clinic right after the blood transfusion and experience those magnificently beautiful eyes.

    Rest in peace, little darling … you will forever be cherished in the hearts of those that you have miraculously touched in your short amazing life.

  2. vivienne

    baby ebony~ rest in peace ~
    i sure won't forget your big big eyes!!

  3. Anonymous

    it really really crashes my heart reading this… i love animals, they are helpless and only relying love & care from us humans, i hope there will be a punishment to those who tortures, mistreat animals… Ms.animalover

  4. Anonymous

    R.I.P Ebony..
    Love u..

    From AINALINA..
    Animal Lover