Sean and Tara’s updates

Sean and Tara went for their booster vaccination today.  Tara was given a clean bill of health.

Tara is now very, very strong.
Sean’s demodex doesn’t seem to have recovered as much as it should have, so the vet thinks he may have a food allergy as well.  He will continue with the oral ivermectic, the Nutricoat, and we are changing his food to see if his skin condition will improve.
Sean had two papilloma lesions inside his mouth last month.  Now, two more have appeared, one the his paw and another on his thigh.  Both on the left side.
The red lesion on the paw.
Another red lesion on the thigh.
Sean, as strong as a horse!
Both of them should be fit for spay-neuter in ten days’ time.  The papiloma lesions will be removed when Sean is neutered.  A time-tested treatment for the papiloma is to remove a bit of it, crush it into a paste, and apply it onto the lesion.  It “wakes” the body up to combat the infection.  Papiloma is viral, but the lesions are usually benign. 
Sean and Tara are both currently being fostered by my mother and they are up for adoption.  Both are distemper survivors and have passed through the two month quarantine period. 
If you are interested in adopting Sean and Tara (or one of them), please contact me at 012-6935870 (by sms).

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