Sr Brown passed away last night

Sr Brown was the one who was the perkiest of the Subang-Selayang lot.  He was tested distemper positive two weeks ago, but displayed no symptoms except for diarrhoea which was monitored and kept under control through diet. 

Two days ago, he started having nasal congestion, and yesterday, he became very pale and came down very fast. 

The vets suspect that he not only had distemper but also tick fever, which caused anaemia. 

The treatment for distemper and tick fever are different, so when Sr Brown started showing paleness he was treated for anaemia.  It was then that the distemper flared up and he finally died of distemper-related causes. 

Puppies that come from the pound are afflicted with all kind of diseases, and their age and immature immune system are no help.  Their mortality rate is high. 

We know the vets have tried their very best and so have we. 



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3 responses to “Sr Brown passed away last night”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Poor Sr Brown but let's be thankful for some small mercies – he was treated with love and compassion in the two weeks he was out of Selayang Pound and he did not die slowly.

    Yes, you all did do your best and the rest is just the way it is – beyond our control.

  2. Anonymous

    Poor, poor pups! But you know, KY, Anon is right, the pups got the chance to experience human love and compassion in their short, short lives. They would have died in the pound anyway, but cold, painful and all alone without the precious difference if you and team had not went against the odds selflessly, walking the talk and did what other humans did not do.

    For that, KY and AnimalCare, may you be blessed always …

  3. Anonymous

    The cats and dogs that have met Dr Chan are truly blessed.

    I would not mind being born as a cat or dog and get showers of Tender Loving Care from her.

    The amount of sacrifice that Dr Chan has given to these stray animals is amazing – she is truly an Angel sent from above.

    No amount of donation that some of us give to AnimalCare can pay for the sweat and tears that Dr Chan has given to these stray animals. She is giving these services free to the stray animals and losing her sleep in the process.

    I am led to understand that some of the donors who donated to AnimalCare are imposing their values & demands on AnimalCare and insisted that things must be done their way.

    I can only abhor these donors who seem to think that money can buy and fix things. Try to become a surrogate mother to a one-week old kitten and feed it around the clock. Try to nurse a dying dog of distemper or try to nurse a malnourished kitten around the clock. The veterinary clinics cannot offer the tender care that Dr Chan provides to these poor sick animals.

    The donations that we give to AnimalCare does not go to pay for Dr Chan's services, these services are given free by her and her team members. The donations are used to pay to the veterinary clinics to pay for the spaying/neutering and medical services.

    Dr Chan, please do not be disheartened by these 'imposing' donors. There are lots of other donors who would give freely to AnimalCare and would not impose their demands/values on you.

    Thank you, Dr Chan, for being the saviour to these poor animals.